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101: CBD Nebulisers for quick absorption

by Green Machine on August 12, 2019

Wether you've smoked before or not, Nebulisers with CBD is none of the above. Think of it sort of like taking an inhaler for an asthmatic, the reason the asthma inhaler works and was developed is due to it's fast acting brain / blood barrier crossing ability and how that affects the human being who relies upon the mechanism. 

Say hello to the QWIN "Nebuliser" with the almost identical technology that's used in a hospital, this tiny form factor device has the ability to atomise already minuscule droplets of CBD and quickly allow them to pass through the soft tissue in the mouth and throat and the bronchioles of the lungs. 

This achieves a super fast absorption into the blood stream and a very quick response from the body. 

So how is the QWIN better? 

Simple. The QWIN is better than most because of one simple scientific fact, the smaller the CBD molecule, the faster the absorption into the body. QWINS super small CBD RXi blends are formulated specifically to be tens of times smaller than the leading competitor so that the product delivers an immense speed and flavour experience like nothing else on the market. 

We've been using ours here at GM for 3 weeks now and none of us in the office can believe the fast acting results this powerful little device can deliver. 

So if you're considering trying a new way to get your CBD fix then we wholeheartedly recommend the QWIN.

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